Nike Swim Training Aids

Nike Hand Paddles​

Nike Swim Hand Paddles help swimmers develop their back, chest, arm and shoulder strength. These swim paddles stop water from flowing through the fingers for increased motion resistance. You get an excellent strength training workout and increase your power in the water.


CONVEX DESIGN shapes your hand into ideal training position
SOFT EDGES for comfort and safety
STRATEGICALLY PLACED perforations reduce shoulder strain
SOFT, FLEXIBLE cuff material for added padding
ADJUSTABLE double straps for a personalized fit

Nike Ear Plugs

Nike Swim Ear Plugs help prevent swimmer’s ear, earaches and other conditions resulting from water entering your ears. Great for both competitive and casual swimmers, the swimming ear plugs are made from soft rubber for comfort, and they have a double flange design that provides a water-tight seal. A carrying case is included to store them hygienically in your gym bag or backpack.


DOUBLE FLANGE provides a tight seal against leaking
SOFT RUBBER molds to your ear
FLARED END maintains proper ear plug placement
Case included

Nike Nose Clips

Nike Swim Nose Clip has an engineered design to minimize pressure on your nose bridge and soft silicone padding to keep it comfortable to wear. The low-profile design helps to minimize distractions, and a carrying case is included to store the nose pincher hygienically in your gym bag or backpack.


SOFT SILICONE padding for comfort
ENGINEERED DESIGN reduces pressure on nose bridge
LOW PROFILE shape for zero distractions
Case Included

Nike Kickboard

Nike Swim Kickboard is great for both boosting the confidence of new swimmers and for more experienced athletes looking to train their legs. The swimming kickboard is made from soft EVA foam, with strategically placed textured areas that make it easier to grip securely. It has a convex shape for improved stability.


SOFT EVA FOAM for more intense training
STRATEGICALLY PLACED texture for enhanced grip and positioning
CONVEX SHAPE for stability and a more natural swimming motion

Nike Pull Buoy

Nike Swim Pull Buoy keeps your legs afloat to allow you to focus on improving your form and upper body strength. Made from soft, dense EVA foam, it has an asymmetrical shape that allows you to alter the level of buoyancy and the intensity of your training. Textured areas make it easy to hold the pull float securely in place between your legs.


ASYMMETRICAL SHAPE offers different levels of buoyancy and training intensity
TEXTURED AREAS enhance grip and help keep buoy in place
SOFT, DENSE EVA foam increases buoyancy for more intense training