Push Plate

Bring the gym to the pool with the innovative Push Plate, an all-in-one training tool designed to take your training to the next level. Equivalent to a kettlebell or medicine ball, the Push Plate builds power and strength harnessing the power of water. More gains. Less pains. #GetSpeedoFit

• 360 degrees of multi-planar movement to build strength and power in all key muscle groups
• Two sets of handles increase workout versatility
• Durable construction creates multi-planar stability
• Hydrodynamic design: flow through holes amplify resistance

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Hydro Grip Blades

Intensify upper-body workouts without the added stress on your wrists using the HydroGrip Blade. Its functional, ergonomic design harnesses the power of water for stabilization and added strength with each movement. Experience gains without the pain.

• Valves to stabilize the amount of force exerted
• Step rails create a break in water flow, increasing stabilization
• Ergonomic wrist off set for optimum comfort

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