Arena Carbon Air2

Compression Has Never Felt This Great

Your racing experience is about to get faster with the Powerskin Carbon-AIR² suits. Arena’s newest competitive tech suit has an innovative external one-piece construction and new lining design for maximum speed, comfort and flexibility. This tech suit was made for ultimate flexibility and unified hydrodynamics


Comfortable Compression

Integrated horizontal carbon bands lock down at a critical stretch point to provide compression on overextended zones, core stability and power when and where it’s needed.
The result is a lighter form of Intelligent Compression with the comfort of a second skin.

carbon air m 2
Second Skin Effect

Made from just one piece of fabric, the Powerskin Carbon-Air2, thanks to the absence of multiple seams, offers supreme comfort and absorbs less water, resulting in less drag and an advanced hydrodynamic effect that helps the swimmer glide cleanly through the water. It’s also easier to put on, and once it’s on the body, it feels just like a second skin.

Greater Freedom

The internal lining of the Carbon-Air2 consists of 3 separate panels to give greater freedom of movement. In woman’s suits, this results in less compression across the chest, which liberates breathing and allows the swimmer to move more freely. For jammers, it reduces pressure on the hips and improves flexibility around the hip flexors. With less internal lining, both women’s and men’s suits are lighter and absorb less water, thus reducing drag and improving glide.

Carbon Air2 W Blue