Anti-Fog Solution

Anti-Fog Solution
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If you love to swim but hate when your goggles fog up, try the Speedo Anti-Fog Goggle Solution. This amazing solution comes in a liquid format so it’s extremely easy to apply. Simply wipe a layer of the solution onto your goggle lenses so you can enjoy swimming with a clearer field of vision that will also improve safety. The liquid comes in a convenient travel sized bottle so you can easily throw it into your gear bag and go. Get ready to enjoy fog-free vision when you swim with this highly effective solution meant to give you the clearest vision possible while underwater.

  • Keep your goggles fog free and your vision crystal clear!
  • Cleans lens surface of dirt and chemicals.
  • Helps keep goggle lenses clean and longer lasting.
  • 2.5 oz. plastic flip top bottle.
  • Anti-fog is best preserved if you don't touch your goggle lens with your finger tips.
  • Oils in the skin can deplete the anti-fog.


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