Polyester Vs. Lycra

Features of Both

• Low moisture absorbency
• Durable material
• Resistant to shrinkage

Polyester Features

• Better chlorine resistance and colourfast – swimwear fades less
• Better sun exposure resistance – swimwear thins less with use
• Form fitting
• Stretches less than lycra – swimwear has a more consistent shape over its lifetime as doesn’t loose its shape as fast and resists bagging.

Overall, polyester suits are expected to last 2-3x longer than lycra suits.

Lycra Features

• Dries quicker than polyester
• Better stretch than polyester – fits like a second skin when first purchased, however this also means it may loose its shape faster
• Slick, softer texture

Some swimmers may find lycra suits a bit more comfortable due to their soft texture and stretchiness, but will not last as long as a polyester suit.